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​​Have you ever wondered why you have headaches, nausea or a hormonal imbalance? Did you ever stop to think that it could be caused by the many fillers, toxins and chemicals within your household? Many of us grow up not realizing all the toxic ingredients our everyday products are filled with. Young living has created wholesome, plant based products to help us with these issues.

I want to start off by introducing Young Living:

Young living is the original essential oil company. They’ve been around for 25 years distilling some of nature’s greatest gifts that God has given us. These ingredients are then transformed into the highest quality essential oils. Young Living set their standards high, which is seed to seal quality. What is seed to seal you may ask? Seed to seal is a process where the oils are never compromised. This means that Young Living's oils never contain synthetics, contaminants or cheap fillers. This process sets Young Living aside from other oil companies. Other oil companies can do more harm than good due to the fillers that are added. This also means that the products are ethically made, produced and sustainable. To ensure that the company is seed to seal they have to meet authentication in agriculture policies, harvesting and collecting trace ability, storage and bottling. They don’t have to only make these standards but also continue to keep these standards. Young living even tests the products as it is being formed, hence the name “seed to seal.” Testing it from seed to seal being formed into oil. Young living allows me to be confident in the oils I have in my home and are using on my family.

Young living oils and products are great because they are non toxic and all natural for clean living. We have seen major benefits including less headaches, clearer skin, better digestive health and much more after switching to natural living.

Some of my favorite products in particular are the thieves line, especially the thieves cleaner. Thieves is made of clove, cinnamon. rosemary and lemon. Thieves' cleaner is not only better for you and your family, but it is actually more affordable. For example, one bottle of Lysol cleaner is $3.50 for 40 oz. Young Living's thieves cleaner is $22.50 for 346 oz, which ends up being $00.06 per oz, whereas lysol cleaner is $00.09 per oz. 1-2 capfuls of thieves cleaner will make a 16oz spray bottle, this allows one bottle for the cleaner to only cost $00.96-$1.60 a bottle. Which is amazing!

Thieves' cleaner can be used in limitless ways, to clean stovetops, floors, car seats, dishwashers, toilets, showers and so much more.

One reason why I enjoy using these products in-particular, is due to having a little child around the home. I was so worried when finding out I was pregnant, wondering how I could clean Edens toys when the products I was using before say, "if ingested call poison control." The plus side of using Young Living is that all its ingredients are natural based and safe for children. The label even reads, "if swallowed drink plenty of water." With Young Living I know I can have peace of mind that I'm not only keeping my home safe, but I'm growing my family's health while using these products.

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